Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Sunrise at my Back

I keep meaning to bring my camera with me on my trek to Gallup, but I cannot seem to remember to pick it up.

It might be that with two bags, coffee, breakfast and lunch in my hands, there is no way to pick up one more thing.

I had intended to drive to Gallup on Monday afternoons. But my salary for this teaching gig is so low, I would be spending 20% just on the lodging and travel if I do that every week. So now I am saving that expense for rough weather weeks.

That means I hustle out of bed at 5am and am in the car by 6:20am - before the sun gets out if bed.

As I leave Albuquerque in the east, red lines the mountains as it begins to birth the circle of fire. Before too long, I have to put my sunglasses on to protect my eyes from the glare in the rearview mirror. But it is a glorious sight.

It began to rain today as I crossed the Continental Divide (yes, I cross the Continental Divide on my way to work!). Some clouds hung low, suspended before a gorgeous Mesa. Green grass mixed with the reds and yellows of the landscape letting me know it has been raining here. Above the Mesa, there were darker clouds still full of rain -waiting for their chance to spill.

Two hours and ten minutes is a long commute, but with this kind of view, it is not so onerous.

You'll have yo imagine the scenes.

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