Thursday, September 01, 2011

free will astrology

This is what Free Will Astrology "predicted" for through tomorrow...

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): I watched a Youtube video that showed eight people competing in a weird marathon. They ran 2 miles, ate 12 doughnuts, then ran another 2 miles. I hope you don't try anything remotely similar to that, Aquarius. If you're in the mood for outlandish feats and exotic adventures (which I suspect you might be), I suggest you try something more life-enhancing, like making love for an hour, eating an organic gourmet feast, then making love for another hour. It's a good time for you to be wild, maybe even extreme, about getting the healing you need.
 What I like and appreciate about *free will* astrology is that they are less predictions and more prescriptions.

I would have loved to indulge this suggestion ... looking forward to Mr. Brezsny's prescription for next week.

I have more thoughtful things to post, but not the time to write them... perhaps I will get some free time this weekend to get caught up with my drafts.


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