Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Run

Where should I start?

The truth is this was the most challenging course and I knew it would be. Or rather I imagined it wold be. The 12K on Mt. Tam was a little bit of a wake up call to the REALity of just how challenging climbing 1200 feet in a few miles could be, but not enough.

I did not train as well as I should have, as well as I could have.

I struggled in the 12K and made it in dead last, but still running at the finish line. I could have gotten serious then about training, but I survived so I didn't muster the determination to full out train. I did better than I had been, but still not enough.

I didn't think about the fact that THE RUN would actually be not the double of Mt. Tam but TRIPLE. I somehow erased from my thinking that I would climb 1200 feet or so 3 times, never mind the 3 descents which my Mt. Tam experience had also taught me to dread.

So, it was difficult. It was hellish. It seemed neverending. But I did it. I survived. I finished. I conquered all three hills even if it was not at my best.

And it was beautiful -- breathtaking views of the California coast that even my sister said it was more beautiful than our coastline (we grew up near the most beautiful and filmed coastline of Malibu and it is gorgeous as well as holding a special place in the hearts of our family). I did stop to enjoy the views and sketch my aching muscles and cath my breath.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Economic Consequences of Hate and Selfishness?

Yeah... so, sometimes karma comes and bites you on the butt.

Watch out...

This is a cautionary tale, and a little vindication for my opinions.

Happy reading.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Must See Film

I just watched the documentary Made in LA on PBS's P.O.V. (one of my favorite shows ever).

I think it speaks best for you should watch it. Check your local should be on your local PBS station.

I had the opportunity to go see it in San Francisco this evening and even meet the filmmakers, but I had to work late. Luckily I taped it.

I wish I could have been there, though, to feel the energy in the air. To participate and hear the audience participation. To feel shock, the horror, the pride and the strength.

Instead, I cried silently with the women, felt proud of their determination, felt the pain in my heart when they were frustrated, and ultimately felt relieved when their hard work was rewarded, even if in a small way.

It's important to know that we are all a part of this crazy mess. It's not poor people in some backward country sewing your clothes and they should be happy for the job and the money. It's poor people in this country, your country. You know, the one that you want to send your kids to other countries to fight for...

Exploitation should not be the American way.

It is hardly the legacy I would want my children to have.

Oh...and as a special treat, at the end of the film, there are two shorts. The second a film called Bullet Proof Vest by May Lin Au Yong lets two young siblings from Richmond, CA speak eloquently about why they cannot play outside. You can watch it here; it's only five minutes long, so take break and check it out.

Extremely powerful.

I love PBS... who needs cable?

Saturday, September 01, 2007

On why I would like to work at Google...

This little story is just another example of why it might be fun to work at Google.

You can check out the gallery of dignitaries photographed with "the guy from Google."

Not afraid of hard work, I am not turned off by the potential long days (and nights) of work, but I just can't get them to look at my resume.

I swear there must be a job for me there!