Monday, September 26, 2011

personajes del encanto

It's amazing to me how many characters I see in New Mexico.

Sometimes I feel like this is the place where failed or washed up rockers go to retire. The long, scraggly hair that might have been glorious in their youth (or perhaps never lived up to the Jagger standard).

On other fronts, I also don't think I have ever seen as many tattoos in my life. There have to be other places with as many tattooed people - perhaps tattoos are just more popular now? Or did I just not pay attention before?

Did I ever record here the best roadside sighting here? It was my first drive to Gallup mid-morning. I was on my way to meet with the professor whose classes I would be teaching.

Just far enough outside of city limits to make you wonder what is someone doing way out here... I saw the back of a man walking along the interstate. He was holding something, but I couldn't tell what it was.

As cars approached him, he turned to stick out his thumb trying to snag a ride. Then I realized what he was carrying was a guitar. Not a backpack, but an electric guitar, cord trailing behind him.

I wish I could remember what he was wearing but the guitar is what grabbed my attention.

I started making up the story right then... and this is another one of the enchanting things about NM, there are an infinite amount of topics upon which to use your imagination.

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