Monday, September 19, 2011


I haven't had a good news round up in a good long I am going to indulge myself.

I know that this is not really what is meant by karma... but, the popular conception of it being a bitch does come to mind when you read this story.

Then there is the "if you can't beat them, join them" refrain for this story.  I do wish Ms. Warren well ... and if she wins, I hope she will keep her morals and her outspokenness.

It is sad how short sighted and stupid some people are ... not to mention entitled and alone in the world.  The beach belongs to everyone in California, and the dunes are homes to beings not something that needs to or should be removed to give you a better view.  And some stupid acts cannot be undone.

The first version of the story only described the enviro-graffiti or enviro-art (depending on your perspective; this one has a picture (see below).  Regardless of how you feel about this art or graffiti, you have to admire the tenacity of the "artists" who apparently had to repel down the damn and STENCIL in the design.  Impressive no matter what you think of the issue.  Then again, I guess you could wonder who has that kind of time on their hands....

Photo by Anthony Plascencia, Ventura County Star

Every year, I swore I was going to participate in Litquake ... but I only made it to one session that included a friend of min and her work.  Though, I ache for a poetry pub crawl.  I am including this story because it was in my fave, the LA Times.  There is always such an LA - SF divide, full of jealousy and rancor.  Truthfully, I was happy to see my favorite newspaper featuring a lovely story about their rival ... I cannot imagine the SF Chronicle doing a nice story on LA! Ha, there is that rivalry coming straight from me.  Oh well, I never said I was above it, just that I like to see it!

Um...I would say I feel bad for NetFlix, but, I DON'T ... ha!  I hope they go down in flames or start to offer good prices again ... this is cable tv all over again. Capitalism at its worst, I say.

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