Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer of Files (part 1)

A good portion of the summer has been spent with files -- on the computer, with James Rockford (ok, yes the ability to stream came upon my return from NJ as my internet bandwidth has magically been diminishing like the water from a reservoir in a drought stricken area), and files of another J named man I have never met.

Jimmy Rockford and Dr. J have that and not much else in common. I have never met either yet I know an awful lot about both of them. Rockford is, of course, a fictional character -- human, flawed, yet manly, capable, and on occasion, chivalrous and unselfish -- frequently buffeted by the repercussions of the way he chooses to live his life and sometimes just by circumstance or coincidence.

Dr. J. is a real person, though since I do not know him, only through his files, books and papers, he lives in my imagination as a character. I have been one of several graduate students using his abandoned office for the year (he had been on medical leave and has now retired without having returned for his belongings). You'll recall a posting about a strange break in -- in some ways, it was the catalyst for this part of the story (the summer of files).

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