Monday, October 03, 2011


is it acceptable to let go of a dream?

This is not a rhetorical question ... I really want to know.

If you have an idea, please share it.


photo credit: me, digital not fancy camera.  That is not really a self portrait.  It is a cute little green bug that reminds me of the praying mantis that has been visiting my doorway for the past couple of nights. I should just get out the camera and take a picture of him... but, here you have it: an almost praying mantis for your thoughts (potentially more valuable than a penny).

 My passion journal answered thusly:
"Never cut loose from those longings -- for what are we without our longings."
Amos Oz
And the last line from the epilogue where the above quote can be found:
"Patience, I say.  There is no shortcut."

Okay... Professor Oz, noted.

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