Wednesday, October 12, 2011

quick postcard

This morning I rose early to go work at the farm ... I had all the best intentions, and I was even bringing an extra pair of hands.  Alas, when I tried to get into the field where the others were working, the gate was locked.  So, my friend and I decided that it would be better for us to go get a hearty breakfast that we did not earn.  Certainly well-intentioned people deserve breakfast treats, too, right?

In any case, we got a visual treat as we were pulling out of the farm.  There was a rag tag band of dogs at the exit.  They hadn't been there when we pulled in minutes before... but now, there they were.  One large dog, a boxer mix, with a collar was pretending to be the leader.  He was surrounded by three smaller dogs, lap dogs.  One was a brown dachshund, another was black something and another was white with curly-ish hair. 

As we approached, the little white dog was rolling around in the dirt... happy as a clam.  He stood right in front of the car, maybe waiting for a treat for being so cute?  The others parted to the right, but looked on expectantly.  My friend wanted to roll down the window and pet the bigger dog.  But the little white one was moving around to the left ... and I feared running one of them over.

They looked like they were trying to pretend to be a pack of wild dogs.  I started writing stories in my head about them immediately.

Some family must have woken up without their pets this morning ... again.  These guys looked like they were successful escape artists that didn't really know what to do with their new-found freedom.  The area is a neighborhood with farmland between, so surely someone will see them and call their owners.  As I intimated, I don't think this is the first time.

My favorite part was how tough that big dog looked ... and it was all show.  Surely those little guys brought him along as muscle, pretend muscle.  He was about to get on his back and show his tummy, too.

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