Monday, October 17, 2011


I have been meaning to blog about the occupations. I even had a title for the post: Occupy Life.  I got a little distracted, however, when I read about the man trying to settle his custody dispute with guns.   I guess Occupy Life would be appropriate for either story.

I won't link to the articles because I am sick to death of the bad people getting so much press. I finally found an article that just details the lives of those who were killed.  I just want to know what gives some people the idea that they have the right to take the lives of others.  I guess I will never understand that kind of entitlement.

I don't have the energy to finish up on the Occupy people... but you can read this piece by Steve Lopez about his night with the Occupiers in Los Angeles.  I heard this wonderful piece on Latino USA. It questions the notion that the folks in NY can truly represent the 99%.

I have a million more things to say about this ... and maybe I will get around to it... but I have so much due this week, it is doubtful.

I also read this lovely piece about a mother who wonders how one parents a child who will die before his third birthday... in this world, the one we inhabit currently, I am beginning to see the virtue of living each day as though it were your last.

I am still working on how to make my life match my intentions.  Hoping it is still true that it is the thought that counts.

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