Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Searching for word of the year, finding beauty

Made as large as possible here to give you the best sense of the beauty.
As I waited, characteristically impatiently, at a light the other day, this was the sight out of my window.  When I see clouds like this, I do miss New Mexico.  I recall the long drives to Gallup and the reflection of gorgeous clouds seemingly imprinted onto my car as I peeked out the side and rear view mirrors.

I have always been fascinated by clouds ... the shapes, the way the wind moves and changes them, the way they give in to those inevitable changes with such grace and ease, making something new and beautiful instead of balking at change. 

It seems like flawless beauty, perfection created from air swishing around... with no one controlling or directing or criticizing. 

It feels like the essence of ALLOWING, no boundaries or barriers, no excuses or defenses, no regret and no planning.  It is being in the present moment. 

And appreciating the moment and the next and the next is the goal of the meditation training. Cloud gazing, like wave watching the other, is a pretty beautiful way to meditate.

I have been searching for my word of the year for a bit ... and this one, allowing, is the only one that has felt moderately comfortable and genuine.  It's not flashy.   Maybe there is some other word out there.  I don't know.

In some way, it feels like a continuation of other words.  But it feels bigger than just opening or practicing being vulnerable. It sounds like inviting the world to just to its thing; makes me feel a little like I am willing to give up some control... wouldn't that be amazing?!

Here is the whole photo since I don't think the above will show it all.

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