Tuesday, March 24, 2015

NRU woo hoo

I am not a cat person (or a dog person for that matter), but I love mountain lions.  I love the images these lovely cats pose for with the "secret" cameras.  When you see the photos, I am sure you will agree that these cats are totally onto the fact that there are cameras in their midst.

GRUNION!  In my family home, the running of the grunion is legend.  I have never seen one, though I have actually gone to try to see them. In fact, it was freezing and no fish were running around on the sand. But the story goes that when my mother was pregnant with me, there were many grunions running.  She said she ate so many of them that she never wanted to eat them again.  But the legend of the grunion took on new life as inside joke when my older sister decided that we should call children with front teeth missing: grunions.  One tooth, actually, is a grunion.  And two missing, double grunion. 

Ok...somehow I didn't know this story ... or I don't remember it.  MLK Jr was stabbed? By a Black lady?  By a Black lady who thought that the NAACP was after her?!  What a story.  Crazy.  Then again, getting on the inside of this story made it all the more sad...takes me to very melancholy places.

This one doesn't quite fit the "woo hoo" subtitle of this post, so I better go ahead and stop collecting articles and just post this...but I couldn't not post it.  It is heart-wrenching, heart-breaking to read this story about Mr. Hill who was shot in Atlanta this month by a police officer - his family, and the reporter, go to great pains to make clear that he was not *just* another (unarmed) Black man shot by a white police officer.  The contours of this story are what make it truly heart-wrenching ... the help that this young man needed was just beyond his reach, apparently, *and* we live in a world where being a young Black man and mentally challenged more likely than not means that you are more likely to met with bullets than compassion, understanding or medical attention.  Truly, truly heart-breaking, may his soul rest in peace and may his family someday find some peace to hold their hearts. 

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