Friday, March 06, 2015


Many people do not understand the divide between archaeologists and native peoples when it comes to "discovering" or studying historical sites.  I think this piece unwittingly offers a pretty good look inside of the schism ... though it is much more sympathetic to the academic's perspective.  As someone who grew up wondering about the Lone Woman on the island after reading The Island of the Blue Dolphin, my heartstrings are pulled in many directions.  I would love to know what those academics might find, but I also feel like her tragic life might best be left to literature.

It is hard to believe it has almost been a year since this plane fell out of the sky.  I cannot even begin to imagine how the families are coping -- not being able to fully give up hope and begin to grieve as there is so much unknown.

We just don't know the impact we have on the lives of others. I think of teachers all the time in this respect, but I forget about law enforcement.  This StoryCorps brings it home does this piece on NH.  These are bright spots amid some very dark ones.  I also think about all the negative interactions we all have and how they also impact others (and ourselves).  My dad's constant animosity to what I feel is showing care and concern and he feels like losing control of his life.  Ugh...

I am just not sure if I can go there with this show... I watched the first ten minutes and I was not captivated, but I was also sort of watching it through covered eyes.  I hope it does well for Scott as I like his work, but I am not sure we are all ready for this much *reality*.

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