Friday, March 27, 2015

NRU silver linings edition (mostly)

There are times when, even though I continue to read all the news, I can only bring myself to share those stories I found uplifting in some way.  This week has turned into that time ... so here you go.

It turns out that there are those who have tons of money who know how to do the right thing, even when entire countries can't figure it out.  This couple restores my faith in humanity (for the moment).

I know that many people disagree with the notion of raising the minimum wage ... I can only imagine that they are those who have not earned the minimum wage since they were 15.  And by that, I don't just mean when they were young ...but also when young people didn't need to have modern technology.  Again, we can disagree on whether or not folks *need* technology, or to move out of their homes, or buy things that they want ... the fact is, no one has the right to tell others how to spend their well-earned money (or their pan-handled money for that matter-- but that's another story).  So, I am excited about the cities and states that are taking the step towards a living wage for those who fetch our food, clean up after us, and handle our crazy shopping habits.  On my meager, starving-student budget, I am willing to pay what it takes for others to live their lives, are you?

This is the *mostly* story of this edition -- I just read this review and WANT this album... if you are going to make music about the crazy shit going on in Mexico, it should also be beautiful and stylish and just plain good music.  Putting this one into my music budget pronto.

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