Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Not a life list

During my birthday month, and I started to think of "gifts" I could bestow on myself.  I am sure I have already explained that I think it is most important to give yourself the gift you want rather than *hope* or *expect* someone else to get it for you.

My mind turned to trips and things that I couldn't afford.  Likes, wants and antojos change with the season, so this is not a life list.  Besides, waiting and planning out all these "lasts" might not be the best way to use our time alive.  Just a few things I was thinking about ... many of the things on the list cannot be just "gifted" to me by myself or someone else; but like all things, that doesn't mean I don't want them.

Machu Pichu

a year of writing in Italy or France

good hair cuts

an Italian practice buddy (speaking)

one for French too

tighter fitting pants for men -- yes, it is a gift for me and all other women who are tired of looking at saggy and otherwise loose-fitting pants/jeans/shorts etc.

good wine


quiet, down time

good sleep

pleasant conversation with my father

grow old happy instead of grumpy


birds singing and flowers blooming (and rain ... at night, preferably)

daily meditation practice (getting closer)

that compound of friends in their third phase

an electric car

spa time is always good, ten thousand waves spa time is even better

beautiful clouds and the presence of mind to appreciate them

I get bored with the wishing and wanting ... so these are really just top of the head, and looking around at the world just now.

This one is a panorama, so hopefully it will get bigger if you click it...

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