Monday, March 16, 2015

NRU - kitchen sink edition

It breaks my heart that our actions have caused our beloved sea lions to be so distressed. I ran into another one at the beach the other day.  There was nothing I could do but talk to it as it looked at me through its sad "disney" eyes (as my sister used to call them).  It was so tired, so hungry, yet still alert and able to scare away curious dogs.  Feeding one, two or three hundred is not the answer.  We need to change out ways now... but I am still proud of Sea World for doing the right thing to try to help

On a lighter note, I am sort of addicted to these pieces from the LA Times on the dating scene in LA.  Some are silly and others salty, and still others overly romantic.  But almost always somewhat entertaining.

Ah, it turns out that older females (at least orcas) provide much needed wisdom that may impact survival ... good to know that older females of some species are not only useful but an integral part of the community.  Maybe we can find the need for other species' female elders.

These personal "opinion" pieces in the NY Times are some of my favorites ...  this one is about a woman's journey and how she ended up childless, somewhat by choice and somewhat by circumstance.

Ummm...this seems like a tour I should plan on taking... need a partner or partners in crime, and maybe one designated driver.

I think I need one or two of these... seriously.

California, the land of complicated relationships, never ceases to provide interesting disputes over beaches, and this is another one.  I can't wait to hear the outcome.

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