Tuesday, October 28, 2014

processing, catching up ...

Nothing I expected to get done while on the college tour got done ...

That means that the drafts I started, ok named, are still there in the drafts folder.

The paper is still not done.

The other papers are still not done.

No books were finished, though one for pleasure was started.

On the other hand, my niece is now excited (and scared) about applying to college.

And no one died ... and no one was injured, except for their tiny little feelings... all around.

Two teeth were wrangled out of one ten-year-old mouth.

Amtrak has too much of our money.

The house is in a frightful state, but the floors my mother has been wanting are nearly complete.

And all the food I made for my dad is still in the freezer, so I won't have to cook for another two weeks.


I will write more soon, but not too soon ... maybe Wednesday, maybe Friday.

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