Friday, October 10, 2014

NRU mishmashy - another short bit

I am slammed this week with work and work for money and work for mom and dad... and the turtle can't even get me to buy her some fish!

So... more stories I have been hording for a while.

I hate it when I find about someone only after he/she isgone.  This guy really got it … in an era when so very many did not. May he rest in peace... and thanks for leaving us some sage works.

Nuns on the bus updated!   I will readily admit that I have a thing for these nuns.

Just when you thought that all southern California drivers were texting and driving, turns out some of them were looking at the road… and saving little dogs in an impromptu community maneuver I really don't think you would find anywhere else.

This was a little bit odd, but I enjoyed it ... Joanne Carson and Truman Capote and writing ... and dogs.  I feel a little like dogs are trying to take over my life... but I liked this piece anyway.

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