Friday, October 31, 2014

NRU CA sights edition, short and tricky

At-risk cultural landscapes are detailed here -- the headline included the Watts Towers -- and the article refers to others in California recently added to the list.  Ideas of places to take in -- if one were on a tour of places to catch before they literally degrade into nothingness.  Not really for the bucket list unless you are categorizing which to hit first.

For Halloween, the LATimes came up with this piece on famous writers buried in the Los Angeles area.  I guess if one were so inclined, he or she could take some cemetery tours tonight... I am not sure if that is any better than waiting for the great pumpkin with Linus -- unless it comes with champagne and chocolate cake.

After touring the Seattle underground, again, on my trip north -- I relished this piece on more of Los Angeles' underground ... looking forward to exploring more in the coming weeks.

This is a local guy (from Ventura County, that is) who grows his pumpkins with faces... how is that for spooky Halloween for you?

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