Wednesday, October 01, 2014

mini NRU mishmash

What with small children and broken planes and impromptu friendly catch-ups, I have not had time to plan out a week of blog posts ... though I have managed to get stuff posted. Hurrah!

I have not had that much time to actually read the various papers I usually peruse.  Here are a few articles that caught my attention in the past few days ...

I will start with the only real serious news story that I feel the need to share today - I am sorry to see AG Holder resign but I am grateful to him for enuring such a ridiculous amount of grief while still maintaining a pretty excellent track record with those of us who care about silly things like civil rights.  I hope his next job is not as a lobbyist.  Supreme Court anyone?

I am posting the original as opposed to the short repackaging both because I abhor the practice of repackaging (but I respect the link to the actual source if not to the actual article) and because it is worthwhile to read all that Lennox had to say on the subject.  Let me just say that this seems like the right response from someone in the same business as Beyonce -- it is not trashing lady b in anyway shape or form to see her FEMINIST stance as a ploy for more play... and I agree, by the way.

The other pieces I lingered over were about animals... wacky, ridiculous and slightly unbelievable.

Turns out that crazy conservatives who simultaneously deride the government intrusion in our personal lives (read: I don't want to pay taxes) and advocate for government to regulate personal relationships (read: I am against anything I deem untoward -- all sex, gay sex, young sex, etc.) do not only live in the U.S.  It is a little heartening to know we are not alone -- but still sad.  Thankfully calmer and more rational heads prevailed and allowed these two donkeys to go back to living together.  Seriously?!

I am concerned that the genetic anomaly causing this conjoined twin turtle to be born and survive -- but aren't they cute?  They are the same size that Turtlemina was when I fished her out of the river ... and I am tickled that this lady makes a habit out of watching for the turtle hatchlings.  Crossing the road is treacherous for all kinds of being!  Yes... horrified and endeared in one fell swoop ... you be the judge.

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