Wednesday, October 22, 2014

NRU California Sights Edition

Ojai is a kind of earthy/crunchy super elite all to itself -- but I bet these shops are a ton of fun.  If only I had time, money and inclination to spend my little free time shopping. I would definitely take these in under those circumstances.

I think the drought is a great reason to rethink how to decorate our houses -- that is with plant wildlife. Still have that pipedream of going hiking to take pictures of all the wonderful drought resistant plants that grow in our backyards!

This used to be a California only thing, but I heard on the radio that several other states and even countries would partake -- in order to get ready for THE BIG ONE.  Sometimes I think we should be worrying more about the many not so big ones.  All I know is that we used to drop and curl under our school desks every month -- though I don't remember how many times a year we went out for the fire drill.  [NOTE: I am drafting this on the day 10/16/14 after the 10:16am practice -- and THE BIG ONE did not show up for fun or anything.]

One, I am not sure that this is news.  Two, I don't find it visually remarkable -- I can't tell what is different even though it says there right in the caption.  Though it may be that I never paid attention to it in the first place.

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