Wednesday, May 21, 2014

there are reasons...[*snarky*]

...why I do not have a fb account, or to be more precise why I deactivated the account I had. These postings, however, demonstrate why I find fb not useful for either disseminating, deciphering or denoting so-called personal statements. The quotes that seem suspiciously not to have been uttered by the purported author are the least egregious, but still annoying.

I simple review of the internet should have alerted the literate fb user that this is not a quote from Hemingway.  Of course, who knows if any of those who *liked* and *shared* without checking have ever read Hemingway.  Anyone who had probably would have scoffed, giggled or, at least, investigated as it sounds nothing like the Hemingway.  

It is probably too much to ask that pithy pieces about popular culture be well-researched or cited.  But mixing together racist, liberal, libertarian and activist rhetoric should, like the purported Hemingway quote, have suggested to the fb user that reposting this would be problematic.

Are there really people out there who cringe at having to press 1 to *speak* English (something no person who actually speaks English has ever had to do) would likewise care about whether the homeless go without eating?  This, like to many other of these, ends with the blackmailing sound of chain mails of old.  This bit should make anyone tempted to *like* or *share* this think twice, unfortunately, it does not always.  I checked back on the person who shared this and noted that some friends swatted at him, though no one yet has read it thoroughly enough to pick up on the "speak English" weirdness.

I would take sentiments, such as those expressed in the photo below, seriously except that it is not being expressed by one person, rather it is being copied by another.  Also, can't you love that you are like your mom without taking swipes at others who may not have had the same relationship with their mothers.  Isn't there some positive way of expressing gratitude towards your mom? 
That's all for today ... better stay as far away from fb as possible as I obviously cannot find anything good to say about it.

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