Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Journaling challenge...

Bug home, Mom & Dad's backyard
From Daily Affirmations:
Beginning a journal is a wonderful habit to cultivate. Putting your thoughts down on paper will affirm your emotions and reconnects you to the important details of your life.
For example:
“What are your grateful for?”
“What are your plans for the day?”
“Who are the people you appreciate?”
“What are your dreams?”
These are great starting points for journal writing.
Journaling will bring healing, and this healing will bring:
  1. A greater sense of “being alive"
  2. Sharper thinking
  3. Greater concentration
  4. Better judgment
  5. A more open and positive view of the world around you

    I need to figure out how to get the journaling going so I thought I would take on this challenge.
I am grateful for the wonderful friends I have and for the chance to face the world with each new day.  I am grateful for beautiful days, walking on the beach, watching the phases of the moon and being able to stop and breathe.  I am grateful that I am learning to give myself a break, to set boundaries even when it is summarily uncomfortable, and how to stand up for myself.  I am clumsy at it, but I am also grateful for the compassion I am trying to bring to myself every day.

I am going to spend time with one of those wonderful friends today -- and hopefully write at least 1000 words.  I am going to stick to my guns in protecting myself from well-meaning but un-supportive people. I am going to try to write an email to someone who hasn't been super supportive and hope that she can respond professionally

I appreciate the people who live every day to the fullest.  It is not a trait that resides within me.  But I think it is why I enjoy children so much.  They run, jump and breathe life to the fullest -- and when they come up to the barrier, they may flounce against it dramatically, but it is again an action full of life.  Or, they just might ROAR as my niece does when things aren't going her way.

I  appreciate people who have real, tangible barriers (like the physically and mentally disabled) who never give up -- who keep reaching for their dreams.  They truly inspire me.

Sunset from the Sandias, October 2013
My dream is to find the will and the way to be happy -- whatever that means.

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