Monday, May 26, 2014

NRU mish mash

For Memorial Day, here is a site from the LA Times documenting the war lost -- and giving folks a chance to add remembrances.  May we never forget those who have given their lives for us.
This one has been sitting open in my browser for several days.  The headline was provocative, or interesting, or something: "Scientists enlist border collies to clean beaches" -- it was updated later to say chase sea gulls.  I was taken aback with the chase sea gulls -- but it was a good one after all ... I particularly liked the part about the dogs loving their work.  If only we could all be that lucky!

Amazon and Jeff Bezos are becoming more like WalMart and Sam Walton every day.  YIKES.

A fascinating piece on the politics of being a cardinal or archibishop during the reign of Francis.  It appears that the NY cardinal isn't the darling he had been before the end of Benedict.  I am mostly interested in how the pope is moving his agenda.  Every time I read something about this, I am more convinced that Francis is serious about getting the church to be more like the one described by Jesus in the New Testament ... could it really be true?

This is another one that has been sitting open in my browser.  I already felt strongly about never letting any child I love play football, but this study seems to prove that the game is not worth the years of trouble it brings.  I do hope that other researchers will do the necessary longitudinal studies suggested by this report.

*******late addition
Here is a part of the prayer the pope offered from the Holy Land:
 “May we learn to understand the sufferings of others, 
may no one abuse the name of God through violence, 
may we work together for justice and peace!”
 I hope there are some folks down here listening as well as those in heaven.

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