Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Journal challenge, part 2

For now we’re only talking about them, and you’ll be thinking about the possibilities of growth. Journal about or answer these questions:
What would you being doing now if you had no financial barriers?
If I had no financial barriers, I would take myself on a long vacation somewhere beautiful, calm and far away.  It might even have no access to email or phones.  Maybe I would indulge in a long, say 9 nights, silent meditation retreat.  It must mean that I need some respite, with no input, to get my head straight.

Afterwards, I would just get back to my school work with no need to take time to make more money.

There are not a lot of things I want to do that require money except for travel.  I have friends I cannot visit in my car, friends I would like to see... and so money for airfare would be great.

I might get a new car ... but while this one is running, it is not a priority and would change my life very little.
How would you like your life to be different?
I would hope that after some time not worrying about work -- and some time in silence, I would be calmer, more patient, if that's possible.  I would hope that with security and solace comes a little more compassion.

Found, on the road, 2009

In five years what do you want your life to look like?
In five years, I want to have the dissertation behind me and the prospect of finding a job and a little more stability in front of me.  I don't think I would have already found a job, but I would hope to be o the job market in five years... fingers crossed, that is my *plan*.

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