Friday, May 09, 2014

College Fair in Pasadena

We went to a college fair in Pasadena last week.  It turns out the convention center is right downtown surrounded by these gorgeous buildings.  Obviously, I am still trying to figure out how to use the camera on the iPhone...actually still trying to figure out how to use the iPhone. 
The fair was a little overwhelming -- but I think we were fruitful.  I just wanted my nephew, who is a sophomore, to get a sense the for great variety there is in colleges.  I also was hoping he would start to understand the questions he needs to ask himself and the universities he considers. We are just at the beginning of the process for him, but we want to also take him to see some colleges in the fall or spring of next year. 
I am hoping these will be colleges he is really interested in attending.  I think it is so important to see and feel the place before you decide to apply.  I understand that it is unrealistic for lots of folks to make trips to all the places that hold interest.  I realized, again, what a daunting process it is to choose a school -- let alone to begin the process of admission and finding funding. 

As we walked around the fair, it was clear that the schools at the fair are there recruiting.  That is, with minimal exception, these are schools that need more students to apply.  There are still so many others out there that either cannot afford to participate, already get so many applicants, or just don't believe in the cattle call.  I felt for those students who were there as juniors or seniors and getting their first taste of the craziness.

As an added bonus, my nieces also came with ... one who is now considering going away to school.  She may have gotten the most out of the experience at nearly 25 because she knows enough to ask tougher questions.  Again, my heart ached for those students with no one to help them through the process.  On the other hand, I also spied a mother, with no child in tow, picking up brochures and asking lots of questions... what must it be to have that person in your life?

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