Monday, September 16, 2013

football season blues

Have I ever mentioned my deep dislike for football season? Well, if not, then it is well overdue.  If pre-season were not bad enough, we are now full swing into college and professional football season.  A mere yuck does not suffice. 

I am wandering around on a Sunday only to run into all the *fans* dressed in their favorite jerseys.  And in the evenings, there is hardly a broadcast channel not stuffing football down our throats. 

All I can think about is how I can keep my nephew from ever playing this sport.  His brains are far too precious to be wasted on such a ridiculous "sport."  I cannot understand how anyone who professes to admire the *skill* of the players can stand to watch their brains be mashed.  And still call themselves fans and admirers. 

I heard an excellent piece on nor about twenty years ago on the subject of football and its latent homosexual tendencies … just wondering how many of these folks would still be willing to wear their jerseys if they had heard that piece. 

What would my jersey say?

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