Thursday, November 03, 2011

what's the news: addendum

I just read this story, and could not contain myself.  Pluck and team work and community support.  Even in an economically depressed city, people can find a way to support their kids.  Brown kids playing CHESS... and kicking ass.  I love it.

And, I am finally going to concede some to the occupiers... my heart is with the Oaklanders blocking the port.  I am hoping that they will apply pressure in a way that gets more than just attention.  Time to get the large block of the 99% (the middle class) to start weighing in ... with their legislators.  The teachers and teamsters are a good start ... now get those folks working at the banks on your side, too.  They are not the ones that got the bonuses!  Oh, and this story about the restaurants that joined in is awesome.  I admit it, if I were in Oakland today, I would have been on the front lines...

 Um.. also, my phone decided to fall back this morning ... where did that come from? I think we aren't supposed to do that until November 6th...

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