Monday, August 31, 2015

NRU mishy and mashy

So much going on ... some good news and and some not so good news and some just interesting...

Good news:  twin pandas born at the Smithsonian Zoo! It is my favorite zoo.  I might have to try to get a trip to DC in six months or so to see those cute little things.  So sad, the smaller twin didn't make, fingers crossed for the other one!

I am thinking this proactive stance on community health work is good news ... though I am putting it a little closer to the neutral because it almost sounds too good to be true.  Hope it is working as well as this article suggests.

In the neutral category, here is a story about Dream Summer -- a program to train immigration activists.  It is not that I am not glad that there is a program such as this, but it is not really a jump up and down kind of news piece. Also, I am somewhat fearful of the kinds of training that will need to be added to this program to rebut the Trump nonsense.

I was so excited as read through this article ... I didn't even bother to look at the pictures first.  The first shot looked promising anyway -- a new Prius -- and one that doesn't look like the current crazy one.  But then I got to the part that said, still a hatchback and my hopes were once again dashed.  Ah well, not a truck and not a real trunk and ... hopes dashed again.  So, instead I just hope and pray my little car hangs in there.

Bad news... I would like to say I am surprised that these women had to endure this humiliation -- and racism.  I hope this demonstrates, again, why NAPA is not the wine country folks of color want to spend time in.  Sonoma, Santa Ynez Valley, Temecula, Santa Barbara ... so many places to taste wine, let's see if we can find some that are less racist.  -- And a lovely way to protest the racist train, which did finally get around to "apologizing" and retracting their rash fb statement, is to visit some Black owned wineries in California. Putting them on my list -- maybe I will even stop on my way back to Oakland next week at the one in Santa Ynez Valley!!

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