Friday, August 07, 2015

NRU education edition

These are dated -- some of them, but it took me a while to be able to actually read them and have something to say.

I am slowly coming out of my terse stage -- or at least trying to.  It might have something to do with a 1000 word a day challenge.

I would like to know when the madness will cease, but I am afraid that we keep doubling down on specious data from standardized test, what those data might mean, and how we are going to apply what we think they are saying.  Ugh.

A primer on social media and bringing state legislators and the public around on higher education spending.  State schools around the country, and at the UC, might do well to see if there are strategies here to help secure legislative support.

I have mixed emotions about this piece. I applaud Cerritos College's efforts and success with Latino students to date (though the numbers are really not that high). But I still wonder if and when many white parents will also be suggesting this place as a first stop rather than going directly to a four year college (hoping they could finish in that time).  I think this piece does, however, provide some very simple insights about the barriers and the scaffolding that addresses those barriers.  As someone quoted in the piece said: this is not rocket science.  If only we could actually apply these lessons in more places.

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