Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I owe you one ...

Last week I did not post a Poetry Thursday -- and it is already WEDNESDAY -- how does that happen?

In any case, my favorite blogger/ecourse giver/former life coach posted this today and I swiped it. Hope you like it, I did!

And I have read almost everything Erdrich has written ... sometimes I love her and sometimes I hate her, but I can't put her damn books down once I get my hands on them.

“Life will break you. 
Nobody can protect you from that, 
and living alone won’t either, 
for solitude will also 
break you with its yearning. 
You have to love. 
You have to feel. 
It is the reason 
you are here on earth. 
You are here to risk 
your heart. 
You are here to be 
swallowed up. 
And when it happens 
that you are broken, 
or betrayed, 
or left, or hurt, 
or death brushes near, 
let yourself sit 
by an apple tree and 
listen to the apples falling 
all around you in heaps, 
wasting their sweetness. 
Tell yourself 
you tasted 
as many 
as you could.” 
~Louise Erdrich
swiped from friend's fb

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