Monday, August 24, 2015

NRU CA sights

This is what I imagine in my mind when I think of over-the-top SoCal places.  Whoever this developer is, he seems to understand that idea pretty well.

Here is more for the stranger than fiction file -- there are so many television movies waiting to be written right now about the way we live.  We don't need zombies or aliens, this is enough.  I am always sorry when these are made into those dramatic-mentaries like 48 hours.  I would prefer a lifetime style movie.

Oaklandish ... an interview in the NY Times ... hmmm.

NY Times piece about the artist Ramiro Gomez and his special take on Los Angeles.

NYTimes feeling sentimental about the Sunset Strip.

Goodness... I sincerely hope that the LAPD is serious about this training and the attitude shift towards peace officers from the enforcers.  It would certainly be a monumental change in the way that this law enforcement agency does business.  And ... if they can do it, then there is no reason for this change to not cascade through out the country.  This is the kind of change we need ... this is the peace we have been calling for.  After I wrote this, I stumbled on this other timely piece on the "demands" -- good to see that the protesters have now drawn the line in the sand ... or ten.  I would make number 7 into number 1, certainly more important than body cameras, in my opinion.  Though I totally agree that we must investigate and prosecute police officers who kill citizens or else we will never get them to stop doing it.

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