Monday, August 17, 2015

News Round Up (NRU) mishy and mashy

I hope the movie is as good as this review.  Looking forward to it in my new life where I can actually go to the movies (without feeling guilty).

Let's stick with movies for a minute ... I saw these two pieces -- one on how issues of mental illness seem to be well represented this movie season (I LOVED INFINITELY POLAR BEAR!) and a little bit about each movie.  I wanted to see Welcome to Me!  I haven't decided if I can really sit through The End of the Tour, it seems like it might be too painful. I am not very interested in the Beach Boys, but the Love and Mercy movie seems to have hit everyone's sweet spot, so maybe on cable when it hits.

Switching gears, this one was open in my browser for a long time before I could read all the way through it.  It is darker (if something not about mental illness could be darker!) and the preamble is to let you know it's long.  This story of policing is interesting because it offers a different perspective on how we understand what law enforcement is facing these days.  Let no one say that I don't allow other perspectives...because there are a number of stories talking about this kind of policing (finally).

I am loving so much about this idea, plan or rumor - I hope it is a plan that will materialize and not a hope/want that becomes a plan that never happened.  When my community made moves like this, it turned out to be right before a super long drought...but that is how it goes sometimes. We have watched too much good water run out to the sea for too long.  We can no longer afford it.

California and immigrants, documented or not... this is what dealing with reality looks like.

A friend introduced me today to the story of Brother Orange -- it starts here, and then continues here and here.  This is definitely a case of reality being stranger than fiction -- and too funny.  It is the story of our modern life, with technology becoming an integral part of our lives in ways we could not imagine.  It is the story of a bromance and souls separated by continents and then connected by a stolen iphone.  It might take a while, but it will be worth it, I think.

Solidarity Fridge -- wow, I love this story about fighting food waste, the sharing economy and doing rather than talking. I am also excited that this is in SPAIN.

NPR talking to Walter Mosley about Katrina (and Louisiana's connection to Los Angeles) and Watts ... memories...and one of my favorite authors.  I love the way he writes about LA -- his insights here into what SoLA was like when he was a child explain a bit more about the black/brown alliance he lived rather than the current tensions the residents live.

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