Wednesday, September 02, 2015


Is this what we should call a sismance?  Whatever -- I am looking forward to this and hoping it will make me laugh myself right out of my seat like Trainwreck did!

Interesting do/don't for white teachers of students of color -- I say interesting because I am not convinced that color of your skin is the only thing that you need to check as a teacher.  That is a longer story for another piece.  The issues raised here are important -- I only quibble a little with the premise that only *some* teachers need to worry.  I would say for all teachers of low income students and students of color.

This was on my list of things to do this summer -- sadly it never happened, but maybe a winter tour??

Lovely piece on how hard work, and taking that work personally, can bring the kind of change needed in California schools!

Jorge Ramos v Donald Trump -- it started as another great example of The Donald as the autocrat or the dictator, but it seems to have just turned into a battle of personalities.  Where is the journalism?

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