Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I get a lot of junk email -- a lot -- I have one email address that I keep just for junk email and another that is quickly becoming overrun by unwanted email.

Usually it is just ads for something - but in the super junk email account, I still get those Nigerian send me money requests, lots of sex bots and other random requests and solicitations.   I generally just delete them all -- it is easy to see from the "preview" what kind of spam it is.  One of the favorite ways to trick people to open is "re:" -- as if you wouldn't remember sending an email to which someone could reply.  I ignore the "re:" emails especially.

However, this one caught my eye.  Best spam email ever from my "ex bf" -- I laughed out loud as I read it.  I have been trying to enjoy the moment as much as possible -- so I share it with you... a little levity in what has become a fairly gloomy blog:

Subject: RE: Break
Reply-To: [bullshit email address]

You really got the guts to break up with me over email, bitch??!?!
Tell you what! I just made a nice compilation of your/our best scenes and put it up for download on [file name - surely a virus or bot of some kind]
Oh and btw: This email just went out to your parents. I bet they didn't know you're into dirty stuff like this.
Your ex bf

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