Friday, June 27, 2014

Skittish, mostly photos

Mostly in honor of Mattie's curious bunny ...

Skittish, aka the wild bunny still with us, has been hopping around our house of late.

This week, Mijo was here to see him for a couple of days.  He immediately recognized the bunny as Skittish and not Carmul, who he considers his bunny.

But, this week, Skittish was feeling somewhat friendly.

First he let Mijo feed him and even touch him a bit before he hopped away.

Later, we heard, "BUNNY!" from outside.  The neighbor across the street's grandchildren were tooling around and saw the bunny.

Mijo went out to show the littlest grandchild, Faustino, how to feed Skittish.  Skittish complied and eventually even ate out of Faustino's hand.

 The other kids tried to act like they were too big to get in on this bunny stuff.  But then when they wanted in, Skittish had had enough.

On the upside, Mijo found a soccer ball while chasing Skittish around and invited Faustino and his brother to play for awhile.

Bunnies bring many treasures.

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