Sunday, June 15, 2014

late addition to Silver Linings NRU +

I did an inordinate amount of driving around in the car yesterday, and the good part was that I caught this story about a former police officer whose life and work were changed because of an interaction he had with a mentally ill woman while on the job.   I will leave the rest for you to listen to ... I will just say that I had to stay in the car to listen to the end of it even though I had finally reached my destination.

If there is cause to say that there is silver lining to true tragedy, this is an excellent example of how it can happen.
Happy Father's Day to all those out there...but especially to the fathers in my life:  pops, my brothers, my brothers-in-law, my uncles and treasured friends.  It is a tough and thankless job to be a parent full of danger, pitfalls, frustration and fear.  But it is also a priceless treasure to be present in the life of your children.  We don't say thanks to our dads enough or always give them the effusive love we display for mothers. 

I know I don't ... my dad has always been my moral conscience and my staunchest defender.  I always wonder what my dad would do in a tense situation -- and then I try to live up to that.  Because of my dad, I know I am strong, capable and should fear nothing.  It has been very challenging to live with him again -- and having to remind him that he is getting old.  In these months, I have had to shift our relationship and prove to him that he can rely on me as much as I have relied on him.  That is challenging for both of us.

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