Wednesday, June 25, 2014

NRU, mish mash

I have been so busy with party preparations, the party or recovering from the party that I haven't had time to sit and write.  Trying to get back on the writing as of yesterday...

There were a few articles I read in the past week that I wanted to share, but I never got around to it.  So, here they are.  And some will be old news...

Starbucks CEO announced that he was partnering with Arizona State University to provide an opportunity for Starbucks employees to get online degrees.  ASU will provide extra advisors and Starbucks is offering collegetuition to all employees for ASU's online program.

I was vaguely listening to NPR the other day, and I caught the end of this story about a woman who chose her suicide date very carefully with her family. I had to go back to the site to listen/read the whole story. Here it is, if you are interested. 

There have been quite a few lovely graduation stories in the newspapers lately ... this is a late entry, but well worth the read.  It is about a young woman is foster care who profited from a program that helps advise foster youth on how to get through high school and to college.

Not because it is great news or even a good read, but because I value a follow up story, here is one about that LAUSD advisory board kerfuffle.  Turns out something changed their minds about pushing out the architect. 

There was a little drought/global warning media push this past week ... a story about what global warming looks like, in real life; how the Getty Center and the Getty Villa are responding to calls to conserve water in California; and trying to find an upside to the drought, scientists looks at slowing of sudden oak death spread.

I have ton more open in my browser, some of them might make the NRU cut for next week, so, more old news (but hopefully good reads) coming up...

[Oh... my NRUs are often super LA Times heavy -- and I know they only let you read a few articles, if you want to see one and you have been blocked out, send me an email.  I can send you a pdf of the article.]

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