Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Heartbreaking and inspiring

I stumbled upon two situations via blogs this past weekend.
totally unrelated, young Chairman Mao, Summer 2013

I spent a considerable amount of time getting to know Rebecca on the eve of her funeral.  [This is the first post I read.]  Wow, I really wish I could have been in her bright aura for just one minute.  She was truly a special person with equally remarkable parents and siblings.  I wish them peace and as much solace as possible in their coming to terms with their new normal.

And then, I read Oren's piece about learning about his cancer diagnosis.

I almost don't know what to say.  Just read it and marinate in the importance of being in the present moment as much as possible. [What others are saying and doing for Oren and his family.]

I think through my grief I have crashed up against this importance painfully and often.  But I am sure it is the only way through ... to confront it, breathe it in, be right there in the moment because otherwise there is no other side.

I want to say that being connected, even in small ways, over the internet has been so helpful in my healing.  Sometimes I can only cry here, verbalize (albeit in typed form) how I feel here and be consoled here.

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