Friday, June 13, 2014

NRU, silver linings edition

I don't think I have done a silver linings post in awhile ... wondering how long it will take for me to find enough articles to post.

Here is the one that made me kick off this edition.  The SF Chronicle continues to suffer from clunky, uninspired writing, but this story was good anyway.  What a lovely gift to give your husband before you depart.  I couldn't help thinking, though, none of this would have been possible if they weren't so financially well-off: an estate in San Rafael and an apartment in SF.  May Noeleke have many years of peaceful living in SF!

A found this little gem on the residual good effects of Mr. Rogers.   I loved the show as a child and am glad that PBS has found a way, beyond youtube, for Rogers' expertise and philosophy to continue to support our children.  We all need more love and compassion.

I found this piece on an author whose work I have not yet read, but this article made me want to pick up one of his books.  I am currently thinking about how to be a part of guiding my nieces and nephews lives unobtrusively -- and giving them good books is one way that feels comfortable.  So, I am adding this to a list of things to read before I give them away...

I might be stretching to include this here, but I am truly awed and inspired by this young man, Jon Meis, his actions during and after the rampage at his university, and his statement about the event.   We need to spend more time talking about young men like this, dropping his name, like we know him, and putting him up as someone who can get a lot of attention for doing the right thing.  Of course, it was right for the press to leave him alone when he wanted privacy.  It is just that we have spent so much time and effort on young men who do not need to be emulated -- and by showering them with attention, we have encouraged others to pick up guns and kill more innocents. 

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