Tuesday, June 24, 2014


For the past month and a half, or so, I have been planning a surprise party for my aunt with my cousins.  My aunt's only daughter died five years ago.  My older sister had planned to celebrate my aunt's 80th birthday, and now that she is gone, my younger sister and I decided we should move forward with the party. 

This aunt is the one who has taken in any number of cousins when they were down on their luck, been our cheerleader and the biggest promoter of family.   

She has hosted family reunions, attended every party we have ever thrown, and knows every cousin's kid and grandkid.  Just knowing the names of all the kids and grandkids is a feat – we are a big family.

Early on, my lil sis sent our first cousins a text asking if they wanted to participate.  My mom pitched in a ton as well.  So did my other aunt and their sister-in-law.  It was appropriately a family affair.

One cousin offered to cook the meat and make the desserts.

Another would buy the paper goods.

Another concocted a complicated story to get my aunt out of her house, dressed for a night out, and to our party.

My aunt's husband reserved the "clubhouse" in their neighborhood for the celebration.

My lil sis offered to make some food and buy some rolls.

Somehow, I got the job of decorations.  If you know me, you know that I am the least artistic person ever with little design sense.  I found some decos at the Party City … I created a guest book with photos I scanned, and a poster, too.

My aunt was utterly surprised and overcome with emotion … success!  Everyone seemed to have a good time.  We had enough food for three more parties.  And I had to stay in bed the next day I was so exhausted.

Flowers cut (in three colors) and pictures pasted.
I didn't get photos from the whole process, but those included are the ones I sent my sister to show our progress. 
And then there were sticks, me & mom in window

No party complete w/out recuerdos!

bee box filling

These were harder to make than I thought...

I was too busy enjoying the party to take pictures, so you will have to just imagine it.

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