Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Poetry Tuesday, more grief

On the Road, blurry, 2009

Should his heart break 
and the grief pour out, 
it would flow 
over the whole earth, 
it seems, 
and yet, 
no one sees it. 

~ Anton Chekhov

Sometimes the hardest part of grief is its invisibility -- not seen because I am afraid to show it; or not perceived because it is not expressed in the *usual* way.  Since all grief is different, there should be more room for us to grieve however we need to.  But, I think that, in general, grief is not tolerated in our society.  It was better when we wore black, or rented clothing, to demonstrate to all those who entered our ambit that we are grieving -- and for a whole year, so that we have the time to go through the "cycle" as it is wont to be called.  I am not sure that any time limit is useful, but in that first, raw year, there is definitely a need to be compassionate with those who are grieving.  

It is not to say that grieving people need to be treated with kid gloves, or are the only people deserving of compassion.  If we were more compassionate with all people, our society would have more room for all of us to get our needs expressed (and possibly met).  Imagine it.

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