Friday, July 26, 2013

the universe speaks?

Well, at the very least, Rob Brezsny does.  And here is what he says for my upcoming week:

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): The French novelist Flaubert declared that if you hope to write a book, you should first read 1,500 books. A Roman author named Petronius believed that the imagination does not work at its peak power unless it is inundated with reading material. I suggest you adopt their advice and apply it to your own field, Aquarius. Whatever skill or subject you want to master, expose yourself lavishly to the efforts of other people who have already mastered it. Flood yourself with well-crafted inspiration.
 How does Rob know that I am starting my *specials* (otherwise known as qualifying exams) today?

However he knows, it is the truth. At 9:00am, I will receive the three questions and then I have ten days to write 15-20 pages for each question ... answers to the questions, sometimes called essays, should be coherent and pull from the three 60+ item reading lists I prepared for each topic.

I have created an insane schedule for myself that counts 8 hours of writing, 2-3 hours of reading, some time for sleeping and eating and exercising.  I have spent the last few days stocking my refrigerator with things healthy and treat-like ... whatever it takes to keep my writing flowing.  Need stamina, need cajoling, need strength.

If you have any of those things, send them along, psychically ... light candles, pray (if that is what you are inclined to do), and send me positive vibes for this second to the last hurdle to candidacy.

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