Monday, December 05, 2011

Stinky Beach

When I was growing up, we called (I called it this and then it stuck) the stinky beach.

As we approached it, I would hold my nose.  It is right next to a sewage treatment plant.  So, the beach itself probably doesn't smell... and being that the winds blow continually from the ocean, you might not be able to smell the plant while inside the beach.

Perhaps as a result of the stench, I have never been in the state park, by it innumerable times.  My mom and I were talking about it while I was home for turkey day.  We laughed at how ironic it was that the beach would close because no one wanted to pay to upgrade the sewer system.

We remarked how neither of us had ever been inside... my mother's nose is much more sensitive than mine.

I guess I am glad that they figured out how to pull together the money to *fix* the beach's sewer system, and keep it open.  Maybe I will check it out while I am home with my car for winter break.  Maybe...

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