Monday, May 23, 2016

Surviving Triggers part 2

It is a lovely poem -- but I have to say that I quibble with the notion that we cannot learn to be grateful or live fully unless we have struggled, unless we have known painful loss.

In fact, there are very many people for whom loss only leads to devastation ...

 and there have to be people for whom gratitude comes because they are indeed able to see how blessed they are.

I reject, also, the notion that there is something to be learned from pain and struggle. 

For me, pain does not equal lesson.

There are those who dig deep for the lessons within themselves, and there are those who eschew any opportunity (without need) to learn about themselves.

In my world view, what I most need to know and believe is that life happens ... it just happens.

The things that happen are not because of or in spite of me, rather, they are just a result of the world turning. 

We can be as perfect as possible and bad things will still happen. 

As part of this, I have to believe that life is not about fair or unfair

... and so the idea that we can only know gratitude as a result of struggle is counter intuitive to me...

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