Monday, May 16, 2016

NRU sort of education edition, light

You can tell just how chaotic my life is because I can't even get it together to read any articles or to post about anything that I have read.

You can rest assured that I have read a few, that there are million open in my browser and another 17 million that I closed without reading...

Here's one that made it through because teaching and schools are on my mind.  This cold hard reality is slapping me in the face at present. We really do need to do something about housing...

Another slam on Common Core... here is the problem, they never actually state what the actual issue is.  Even worse, they don't even present one or two or three or any solutions.  I will say *again* until we decide collectively just what it is that we think public education is actually supposed to accomplish, we cannot begin to *solve* the problem.  This is a particularly big problem because we spend way too much time in fantasy history when it comes to education.  There is no silver bullet but there are many lead bullets.

Though, I have to say that reading about education just makes me want to run screaming in the opposite direction.  There are more still open in my browser, maybe I will make another NRU before the week ends, or maybe I will just quietly close them (and my eyes).

***not about education***
Ok... just going to put this in here because I have no where else to report this.  Many years ago, something like 23 or so I worked for a non-profit housing corporation in Trenton.  One of our projects was to help a community group get two or three families into homes that were to be rehabbed.  These families lived in conditions I didn't think were possible in the United States.  The first time I visited them, the first thing that struck me was that their homes had no floors, only dirt.  One family who had *won* the lottery so-to-speak, was a mom and her daughter.  Mom was really too old to be getting  mortgage, so the daughter decided to take it on.  Her name was Pearlie.  I am pretty sure she just won the lottery for real with her children.  She is a lucky lady.  And this couldn't have happened to a lovelier family.  Many congratulations and best wishes!

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