Monday, May 09, 2016

million miles a minute

That's what my life feels like right now, and I would like to get back in bed and sleep for several days.

Maybe next week.

I would like one person on CL to respond to an email about the rooms/apts for rent. I recognize that the rental market is such that you are making a killing.  Could you not answer an email?  It's been rented, etc.? 

Not sure why you get it to be your market and not be civil.  Seems the least you could be is civil.

When I was helping a friend rent out her house, I answered every email ... every last one even when I knew it was just not going to work.  I even had phone conversations with those who persisted after I expressed why it wouldn't work.  I was civil, even kind, despite the fact that it is SO hard for anyone to find an affordable place.  It was, in point of fact, the absolute least I could do.

So, I have done three jobs worth of wrangling this morning, send many emails about places to live and now I am turning my attention to my lesson -- rescheduled from two weeks ago to this Thursday.

Wish me luck, hold a place in your heart for me.  Hopefully it will all go well.

p.s. I chose this picture for a post about two months ago and never got around to writing it.  I had a thought but so much has happened since I have no idea what that thought might have been...

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