Monday, June 01, 2015

Seen in Denver

A yard protected by angels.
A school with the most ornate doorways I have seen in the United States... I am sure there are others of this era, but this is the only one that I have seen.
I was particularly fond of the lamp -- and interested in the way the caretakers of this building decided to mar the view with cages... and the handicap accessibility signs (I have another pic of this ...somewhere)
Tap built of the materials my friend's company manufactures... bright minds, see the next picture of the lamp of many ideas.  They did not fabricate this one, I think, but it fit right in with the decor.
This is just one of the doorways that captivated me on my walks... so much care taken on the appearance of the neighborhood!
From about a block away, I saw a big dog, and then another ... and as the man got closer, I saw that he had something like 10 big dogs on leashes ... dog walker! :)  Lots of big dogs around here ... Lucy would go crazy being ridiculous, Cupcake is much more interested in squirrels ...

 I hope you can make it out ... this was an empty hair salon with beautiful individual stations.  The second time I walked by the windows were covered over -- so something new is going in, but I certainly hope they are not taking out these stations!

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