Friday, June 05, 2015

NRU CA sights

Uh oh, P-32, watch out because P-41 wants in on the pin up star title!  The pictures of P-41 are amazing.  I love these "candid" shots!  I am convinced that these cats are totally onto the cameras and are posing!

I think the NY Times needs to consider putting a word limit on some of their articles -- they are frequently very interesting, but there are definitely more words here than needed to both get the point across and make the story interesting.  Engaging through so many words is not as easy these days with limited amounts of time available...and so much "news" prepackaged in short doses and videos.  Oh... and it doesn't help that if you get half way through and have to leave the site for a minute, you come back to "suggestions" where your article was ... ugh.

A hotel that is becoming part of the LA Art Scene -- honestly makes me want to head out for first Friday ... missing Oakland and being so close to the mix.

There are some uses of the online newspaper format that irritate me, i.e. videos. If I wanted to watch a video of a news story, I would look for a video.  If I am at a newspaper site to READ the news, that is precisely what I want to do - READ!  However, I do enjoy the use of photographs -- and the fact that online we can get a collection of them to go with a story.  In fact, I am disappointed when they fail to ad pictures to a story that is begging for them.  This is a great collection of pictures about the Chavez Ravine protest.   Awesome use of the medium!

LA Times did this spread on drought resistant gardening and landscaping.  If you ever wondered what to plant or how to configure, these are your guides.

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