Friday, June 19, 2015

NRU CA Sights

Are you in SoCal and want to find vintage stuff -- here is your guide.

Really want to see this exhibit!

Good to see foster youth getting covered in the news ... though I wish it were better news overall, but at least these kids are getting a chance with these supports.

Q&A about the P's (aka SoCal mountain lions) with the guys who are doing the study that named the cats.

This story could not be more heartbreaking ... but I hope that this step will help his family to truly grieve.  I know what striving does to the grieving process -- and it is not helpful.

The latest National Poet Laureate is from California (also formerly the CA poet laureate)... and he's Chicano...imagine that.

Now you know that we are really in a serious water crisis.  Why did it take this long to get here?

There is a lesson here -- and that is to not give up on people, especially the youth and children.  Of course, all of our actions have consequences.  For some, those consequences lead to lives of hardship, either caused to others, themselves or both.  For for others, those consequences lead to a productive life.  You just can't know which it will be when you are looking at a child, really, no matter what age.  I wish we could remember this story the next time we want to charge a teenager, or younger, as an adult.

Um... this would be an awesome story, but it is just scratching the surface ... it really belongs in my rantable NRU, but it's California, so it makes it into the California sights... a neighborhood disagreeing about the filming of a movie ... is it about the principle or money? You decide...

Obviously there are other ways to counsel first generation students about the college process, like having more "trained" school counselors.  However, this program really sounds like a winner to me -- mostly because my experience of high school counselors was that they were not always super helpful.  At least these students are close to the process -- and hopefully getting some kind of training and information to help them with their counseling ...

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