Friday, May 29, 2015

NRU mish mash

I happened to hear this piece on NPR about Lecrae -- had never heard of him before -- and I was beyond fascinated, inspired and impressed by this young man and his strength of character.  I hope he continues to do well in all aspects of his life.  I am so grateful that he sees giving back to the world as part of his duty.

I had just read another piece about a fb exchange going viral and being picked up by the local news ... and who knows who else, when I saw this thoughtful piece on the perils of "going viral."   Though this piece, and the previous one, were both in the Los Angeles Times, they have decidedly different tenors.  Sadly, though, I think the piece misses one key point -- it is not just about the will to turn anything political.  It is also about the way we have tangled up gawking with journalism.  In any case, it is disturbing, to say the least; and, it should give pause to anyone who is not purposefully trying to flame someone/something online.  If this was your intention, then, you win.  But, as this man's story demonstrates, you could be putting yourself into the eye of a storm you did not intend. Grousing on fb is not the same as telling a story to your friends over dinner and getting some high fives...

Ugh... then there this is.  We still have so much to learn about how to help people who are different from us ...

You just have to love Jon Stewart ... at least you have to respect and admire his integrity.

This little story about someone looking for the grave of a unique storyteller and musician was interesting but not fascinating.  I stayed with it because the need to find someone's resting place and bring him "home" struck a cord.

Hmmm... glad that thongs are going away or at least becoming less popular, but $40 for underwear to cover your butt? Seriously!?  If only we could really get guys to stop wearing saggy jeans, my life would be complete.  Just kidding ... it would not complete my life, but it would be nice.

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